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Swaathi Ramanathan
Swaathi Ramanathan

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Are you a fashionista?

Let me get this straight, once and for all – yes, I go to a fashion school, yes I am studying in a fashion related course, yes I am planning to pursue a career in the fashion industry, no I am not going to become a tailor and NO I am not a fashionista. I would stab all possible options and choose a pair of pants and t-shirt for every occasion.

People often just assume that one must have a great fashion sense in order to survive the fashion industry. Honestly, they cannot be blamed. This very idea has been passed around among people through films –A fashionable person is one who would wear “fancy” and “modern” clothes. Well, I do not think so.

To begin with I think we need to answer one particularly important question – Why is Fashion important ? The very meaning of fashion is different for different people. One might call it an expression, another might call it a sense of style, one might even call it a waste of time! But none of these even start to cover what fashion is. To me, the word fashion is quite like that of science – bounds and bounds yet to discover!

One thing that remains constant is – Fashion is for all – you, me, my grandparents and literally everyone. Now that I have given a possibly decent introduction, I am looking forward to being here on this wonderful page. Go well!

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Anumitha Apollo

Yes I agree with you! Fashion is for all!