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The troubles entailing men's fashion

Fellow MEN, let’s admit it.

We have definitely, if not occasionally, then at least once looked at a pretty, fashionable dress on a woman and thought to yourself…

‘Damn… I wish I had something I could wear that has such an impact; I wish there was something so striking I could pull off myself’.

Then you ask yourself, ‘Hey, why don’t I get myself some classy clothing?’, followed by ‘Oh right…Ugh if only men’s fashion wasn’t so boring and limited… oh well I wouldn’t be able to own the look anyway’.
And that’s the end of that train of thought.
Should it really end there though?

Here’s where I started thinking about these two issues that irked me.
One being how lacklustre men’s fashion feels when compared to women’s. The other being, how reluctant we men are, to actually make the change in our style when we want to look more elegant, sophisticated or just a bit more à la mode.
Why would there be fashionable clothes if we aren’t there to wear them?

Let’s get into detail for each of them:


Whenever guys go out with friends, their first choice tends to be a shirt of their liking, owing to the versatility it offers in rolling up the cuffs and various degrees of unbuttoning (whether they have a t-shirt on underneath or if they’re rocking their Henry Cavill chest), and a standard pair of denim jeans, pants or trousers.

Now when you see the girls, it’s a whole other story.

You tend to see plenty of women in clothing of various shapes such as shorts, short or long skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, suits, high necked clothing, clothes showing varying levels of skin; be it shoulders, back, cleavage or a slit on the side to show their legs; and a whole heap of accessories, shoes and heels to add to it.
Clearly an enormous amount of possibilities and combinations isn’t it?

Whereas with men they tend to be categorised into few basic categories:
• Necklines: V-neck or crew neck
• Full length trousers or some shorts
• Sleeves that finish at the wrist, or that finish above
the elbow.
• Shoes or trainers that almost certainly cover the foot
• Maybe a ring or a fancy watch
• And in case it’s a formal occasion a suit and tie

They all fit into either military, sports, tailored or casual wear.
And the most visibly striking differentiation between men’s and women’s fashion is the vast range of colours you see on women’s attire! From very flashy bold colours to subtle ones with no limitations to be seen anywhere.

On the other hand, men tend to wear a combination of mainly black, white, navy blue, or bottle green , and maybe striped designs with other basic colours. Rather limited comparing them don’t you think?

There are definitely many issues regarding how women feel an unnecessary pressure to impress because of all the importance placed on how they look by society, and we surely aren’t disregarding any of them.

Point is, it really does seem like men’s fashion is a cut below women’s.

Now getting to the second topic:


A big portion of us men stop thinking about dressing fashionably the moment we decide in our heads that we can’t pull it off.
But it’s always been said and will always be said that dressing up is a SKILL you acquire and is not just something you aren’t cut out for.
You can only learn once you decide to start.

Another substantial part of men seem have some sort of phobia towards it, they think of dressing up fashionably as embarrassing and unbecoming and laugh at those few that take it upon them to showcase their own individuality and character.

Maybe they’ve grown accustomed to how women tend to have more flashy clothes and how men are seemingly supposed to wear proper and professional clothes.
Maybe they feel dressing up has become such a feminine trait that the men who associate it with look less ‘masculine’ or as to being too risqué.

It isn’t surprising really, given a lot of men’s views on fashion. Most blokes think the fanciest you can be is to dress like James Bond, rather than someone like Harry Styles.
In fact, it’s observable that men more comfortable with their sexuality or character, whatever it may be, are a lot more comfortable testing their boundaries with fashion, even disregarding the backlash they tend to receive.

And yes, we know that there are plenty of people who have no desire to dress well and would rather just look casual and that’s completely understandable too.

But to those that think of it:
Are we afraid of being judged or are we just too afraid to make the first step, waiting for somebody to set an example so we can follow their tracks?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like men’s fashion is going to have major improvements unless the men themselves start branching out their fashion tastes and taking the step towards being more fashionable. More the demand,the more the supply.

So how about next time, instead of saying it’s too limited or I could never pull it off, might as well go for it shall we? One step at a time.

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Anumitha Apollo

Great insight!