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Sanghavi Vijayakumar
Sanghavi Vijayakumar

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Where do you think fashion is headed?

Raise of online influencers (Youtubers, Instagram models etc) changed the way fashion is marketed. I think influencers will play a key role in defining trends and will become the main source of advertisement for the fashion industry.

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Anumitha Apollo

Fashion is a dynamic industry and with increasing online platforms and social media, the way of marketing has definitely changed. Celebrities, influencers, and YouTubers play a major role in defining fashion. What they wear and promote is becoming a new form of advertisement.
In terms of marketing, social media, YouTube, blogs, etc the future of fashion is definitely heading into a new digital space. Since we are all able to connect virtually this digital space is what will come into place and make a huge difference from before.

But I still want the real shopping experience, I would never want to give that up!

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Sanghavi Vijayakumar Author

That totally makes sense. I agree!