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Cover image for Sky High - Aquamarine tulle

Sky High - Aquamarine tulle

Mehar Kohli
Just another lost soul like you♡
・1 min read

There is a princess inside all of us, and tulle skirts make everything more fun. Be the princess of your dreams.

Feeling cute today. Paired a spaghetti strap top with an aquamarine laced tulle hand-stitched by me =) It’s elegant and adorable and at the same time. This pair is meant to awaken your inner child because no one is ever too old to play dress up.

“Mini dresses that have an overskirt of tulle makes it traditional and modern at the same time”- Reem Acra

The net was first dyed aquamarine at home then stitched into a skirt, while the skirt kept growing fluffier my happiness kept increasing. The base of the skirt is a white net overlaid with an aquamarine laced net.

Discussion (3)

harish_calvin profile image
harish calvin

wooow, This is really amazing. 💚

anu profile image
Anumitha Apollo

I love the handstitched aquamarine laced tulle! I totally agree that no one is ever too old to play dress up! Great work:)

meharkohli profile image
Mehar Kohli Author

Thank You :)