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Mehar Kohli
Mehar Kohli

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Just before the spring comes

Spring must be the love of my life when finally, the bleak winter has melted away. Flowers are the manifestation of natural beauty and elegance as well as the perfect instance of my favorite season, spring. Something so delicate that is a statement piece, so beautiful that you can wear it as a dress, and moreover, that makes you feel beautiful. As the winter is almost about the end and spring is going to start, here is a black dress that can't help but make you feel like a flower on the outside and from within.

"In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion and kisses whizzing by your head." - Emma Racine Defleur

Classic twist today. Pairing a drop waist, shirred black embroidered floral dress with white sneakers. I love coupling dissimilar classic pieces together from time to time.

The contour of the dress gives it an everlasting charm, pure while sneakers embrace the source and energy of new life. This look is perfect for long walks in the park with friends and family.

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Emma Richards

It is indeed beautiful! 😍

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Mehar Kohli Author

Thank You :)

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Anumitha Apollo

The fact that you mix and match is great because exploring will teach us a lot! Ahh the white sneakers! Love the combo and perfect for spring!