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Mehar Kohli
Mehar Kohli

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Colors of Christmas

A little traditional color pairing for the holidays today. To keep up the spirits of the Christmas, adding traditional Christmas colors, white and red, and a little twist in the outfit by filling it with the shade of blue.

White with maroon shades, a color story that is striking, bold, and happy. It’s a classic combination. Adding a feminine touch to the satin slip dress and structured denim jacket, I mixed in a turtle neck top and thigh-high stockings.

I believe winter dressing can be quite challenging. Keeping warm and fashionable is truly a balancing act. I find that layering and mixing fabric materials can simplify this method while uncovering the delicate balance of warmth and style.

Short dress with a cowl neckline and thin straps, the embellishing matching lace on the neckline and on the hem of the dress. The simple slip dress became a fashion model item in the ’90s and, now, it is here to stay. The simplicity of the soft warm thigh-high knee winter stockings has the never-ending possibility of attraction. Sleek, chic, and endlessly versatile, a turtleneck is surely one of the hardest working pieces in the modern woman's closet, yet they can add a sophisticated and modern spin to any look.

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Anumitha Apollo

Truly is a balancing act!! This outfit looks fantastic it's bold, beautiful, and classic. The white turtle neck top uplifts the marron short dress! The thigh-high stockings a perfect addition to the whole outfit.
I like the ruffled bun as well, makes you look warm and comfortable!

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Mehar Kohli Author

Thank you🥰❤️