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I am 47, white, have grey hair and a bit of a beard, slim and into black, grey clothing. I am a bit of a tech nerd, martial artist and enjoy 80's pop culture.

I tend to shop at Gap, Nike, SuperDry and buy nerdy t-shirts.

Any fashion tips for me so I don't end up mothballing myself up in Dad clothes πŸ•ΊπŸΌ πŸ˜…


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Ben Halpern

and enjoy 80's pop culture.

I love 80s mens fashion

Maybe not everything has lasting value, but I think it's fun to draw inspiration from different eras and have a few full-on looks inspired by our favorite periods.

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Anumitha Apollo • Edited on

I think since you enjoy 80's pop culture, your style will resonate with what we now call retro and vintage fashion.

Retro fashion

Shearling bombers, turtleneck sweater, leather jacket, retro shirt with a modern jacket, and white sneakers are probably some of the cool outfits which may suit your style!

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Lee Wynne Author

Right, lockdown ended yesterday, I am off shopping!!

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Anumitha Apollo

Ahh yes!! Off you go to reinvent your wardrobe!!!!