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5 cool things you can do in Fashion Page that you might not know

Admin @FashionPage, Dev & Aspiring Indie maker! DM or email me if you run into any issues :)
Updated on ・2 min read

Have you ever looked at a GIF on the comments and wondered how did someone post it? or have you ever wondered how people have Youtube videos, Instagram pictures inside their posts? No more suspense!

Here are five cool things you can do in Fashion Page that you might not know:

🎞 Use GIFs

To use a GIF on a comment or post, head over to a site where you can find GIFs (such as GIPHY) and copy the GIF link. Then, format it like this

[Description of the GIF](GIF link)
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For example,

![Toilet paper kissing a mask](
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will become this

Toilet paper kissing a mask

⚓️ Embed content

You can insert things like YouTube videos, tweets, Fashion Page articles, podcasts and much more inside your posts. The way to do it varies depending on the site. Here's an example for embedding a video from YouTube:

{% youtube dQw4w9WgXcQ %}
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Which will result in

The cryptic dQw4w9WgXcQ next to youtube is the ID of the video. You can find it on the URL like shown in the image below.

Screenshot of Youtube URL pointing to the video ID

To know about all the things you can embed within your post:

  1. Click on "Write a post" button on the home page
  2. Click on the input with the placeholder "Write your post content here..."
  3. After doing that, on the right side you'll be able to find the information by clicking on "Liquid tags"

📈 See how your posts are doing

Screenshot of the dashboard

You can find out how your posts are performing, the number of followers you have and more details on your dashboard. Going to dashboard is easy as hovering over your profile image and selecting "Dashboard".

💬 Chat with people

To chat with a person, you both have to mutually follow each other. Then, you can start a conversation by going to the person's profile and clicking on "Chat".

It's also possible to allow anyone to chat with you without having to mutually follow, you can do that by going to Settings -> Extensions and changing Inbox privacy to open.

🌈 Change theme

Fashion Page with different themes

You can change how Fashion Page looks to you! Go to Settings -> Customization, pick a theme, save and enjoy the new look! 🕺

I hope you have fun trying these out! DM me if you need help with anything :)

Emilia Clarke telling you to have fun

Discussion (4)

ildi profile image

Very useful post, thank you for sharing the tips!

arun profile image
Arun Author

Glad you found it helpful, ildi! 😀

leewynne profile image
Lee Wynne

I like this, need to do it myself!

arun profile image
Arun Author

Thank you! :)