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Archita Sriram
Archita Sriram

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Fashion; Freedom?

All my life, I’ve chosen my own clothes. When I was in grade school, I wore what could only be called disasters. I really had no sense of identifying what colors go well, what clothes fit, or anything akin to a sense of fashion. However, being privileged enough to be young, I didn’t need a fashion sense. All I wanted a sense of freedom- to choose, to express, and simply to be comfortable- and my mismatched clothing gave me that.
As I grew older, I inevitably became more aware of my choices in light of those around me. I remember clearly arriving at a certain point in time and wondering when everybody else has already found their sense of fashion. Naturally, I felt a strong need to upgrade my own image and decided that I needed to change my wardrobe piece by piece and it was a long-drawn-out process. I remember being uncomfortable in my clothes for all the time I waited, yet, the idea of cultivating a fashion sense to belong to made me upset.
It was the idea that I have to find one spot to fit into and one style to emulate who I was that was very alien to me. My wardrobe went through stages of different colors and pieces in the hope that I’d find my style, but it was a never-ending process that eventually drained me till I gave up. I began to give no consideration to what I wore and would often show up with a completely conflicting style every day. I did, however, keep a keen eye out on some of the basics that would accentuate any wardrobe in the hope that it’d work.
As you can guess, the process of wearing whatever I wanted was in fact what I had been searching for. With a more defined idea of what looked good, I was able to put together completely varying styles and feel comfortable in my skin. I still don’t know what aesthetic my wardrobe fits into, but what matters is that it gives me the freedom to be whatever I choose.

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Siddharth P

Agreed, that freedom is what we always yearn for.