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Anumitha Apollo
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S - 90's Fashion

This classic TV show has some iconic and progressive outfits of its time. Each outfit according to the nature of the character.

The costume adheres to the nature of each character and the actor who plays the role as well. The outfits progress with the progress of the show and with time.

This show portrays 90's fashion better than any other show.

Rachel's dressing is modern, different, and new since she works in fashion.

Monica dresses pretty sleek and neat due to her OCD nature with clothes that fit right on.

Chandler dresses in loose-fitting clothes due to the lack of confidence his character has.

Joey's clothes fit right on, the style being casual since he plays an actor who is frequently looking for jobs.

Phoebe's character is quirky, weird, and unconventional. Her outfits and accessories share the same qualities.

Ross primarily dresses formally due to his job nature - scientist and professor.

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Sanghavi Vijayakumar


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Ben Halpern

Chandler's fashion aged the worst.